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A Trust can be set up for a single person, a married couple, or a blended family.

Name Your Primary Heirs


Who will be benefit from your assets when you're gone? Typically, your children, family or charities. With our system, not all heirs have to receive an equal share.

Appoint Guardians of

Dependent Children

Whether typically-developing minors or dependent adults with disabilities, you want to name who would care for them and eventually file for legal guardianship if something happens to you.

Who Will Be In Charge


Otherwise referred to as the Successor Trustee. This can be a person or persons serving together or alone. You can also choose a Corporate Trustee, a regulated professional entity that avoids family feuding & fracturing.

Distribution Terms


Do you want everyone to receive a lump sum or do you want built-in protection from spend-thrifts, divorce, creditors, or lawsuits? Do you want it all distributed at once or do you want some left in trust to grow?

Any Charities to Benefit


You don't have to know the answer to this right away, but with a click of a button you can choose to benefit one or multiple charities when you pass.



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monica b.

In our engagement with Stacy Pearson, it has been our pleasure to bring a powerful tool to our clients. . . Stacy's knowledge, integrity and professionalism are why I/we continue to work together for the families we serve.  Stacy's coaching has enabled me to manage my presentations to my clients with confidence and precision on facilitating the next steps seamlessly!


Monica Breaux


Stacy, I love what you do! You have so  much great information and I can attend a workshop and learn so much without feeling like I have to 'pay' for the 'free' steak dinner like some others offer!!

Your information is so helpful. It helped my husband and I finally get things in order and have peace of mind. Thanks again!


Debbie T.