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Living Trusts

Not Your Daddy's Trust

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not your daddys trust

We're here to show you there is a better way!

Everyone should be taking advantage of changes to trust laws and the use of technology to beat probate, safeguard your children's inheritance from divorce, bankruptcy & lawsuits and have the ability to keep it updated from the comfort of your own keyboard! This is not your daddy's trust - it's better!

We leverage these advances to create with you, a fully customized trust in an affordable and efficient manner! You'll always have an expert walking you through every step of the way. We even get it funded for you!

Not Your Daddy’s Trust

What used to be a manual process has been streamlined with the use of trust-creation software for nearly four decades. Today, our process takes advantage of updates to trust laws & additional technology, passing savings and benefits on to you. Besides a printed version of your trust documents, you can now enjoy a client portal, to easily keep trust and medical directives updated throughout your lifetime.

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Escape Probate Court With A Revocable Living Trust

Most states require probate if your estate exceeds $50,000 and the cost of probate can siphon several percentages of your estate away from what your loved ones will eventually receive. However, a tech-assisted trust is only a couple thousand dollars—negligible compared to the cost of probate when you do the math. Using the latest trust laws, this will be the last estate plan you ever need because updates can be done through your client portal so it will not need to be replaced because of changes to your ever-changing family, your marital status, or because you move. It’s a private vs public process and your estate is settled immediately without delay or undue family hardship.

The only thing worse than dying without a will is dying with one! Because no one told you that a will cannot spare you from Probate Court—it’s just a first class ticket there!

Stacy Pearson



  • Probate Protection

  • Tax-Free Retirement

  • Medical Directives

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Risk Assessment

  • Financial Planning

  • Back-office for Estate Attorneys

  • SSI Protection for Special Needs

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • Plans for Professional Associations

  • Qualified Plans

  • Virtual Appointments

  • Nonprofit Fundraising

What Our Clients Are Saying

"An attractive feature of this system is that it allows you to easily update or make changes. It is quite user-friendly. The capability to create and maintain your personal Advance Medical Directives, as part of your client portal is also an excellent feature.  A medical alert card is issued and through secured access, your physician is able to view your Health Care Directives. Only two meetings were necessary for completion, along with a short phone call with a member of their legal team arranged by Stacy.

Stacy’s professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail are exceptional.  We highly recommend it and the many benefits it has to offer!"

Geary & Denise N.

"Getting this done is such a source of relief. I only regret not doing it sooner because I was worried to death that my affairs weren’t in order. It feels great knowing that if something happens to me, what little I have, will go to my sons hassle-free and without court fees reducing what they get.

I really like this trust because of my ability to make changes without paying an attorney each time. It’s easy to keep adding to my final wishes and making changes as my assets change."

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